Hand Made Artisan Soaps

Bespoke Crafts for your Home or Business

Our soaps are made from the finest natural ingredients to give you a quality product. Each ingredient is chosen to enhance cleansing and moisturizing ability to protect and care for you skin.They are made in small batches , entirely by hand and with only the purest ingredients. They do not contain any preservatives , bleaches or fillers. All our soaps are cut by hand so may vary slightly in weight and appearance.

As soap is being made it creates natural glycerine that is left in all of our soaps. Handcrafted soaps clean without stripping your skin of its oils. It leaves a thin layer of this glycerine on your skin to moisturize and smooth your skin.People who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, or severe dry skin will see improvement very quickly by switching to handmade soaps.

Commercial soaps available in the super market today are manufactured in large factories using the most economical ingredients available. Often they contain some or all synthetic detergents that can be harmful to your skin if used over a long period of time. These detergents also disrupts the natural function of the skin as well as causing allergic reaction to those with skin sensitivities. Not only that, most commercial soaps have the glycerin removed to be used in other skincare products that sells at higher price.

Our basic soap formula includes :coconut , olive , avocado , sunflower and castor oil witch is enriched with natural organic cocoa butter for a gentle, luxurious soap with a creaour lather. our recipes are palm free , our way of making a stand to try to help our environment and not add to the deforestation problem ,and use essential oils, less risk of reactions or irritation to the skin which can be caused by fragrance oils. Ingredients are sourced within Ireland or the EU , so no animal testing done on any of the products used in our soap , and adhere to EU regulations (EC) 1223/2009

Coconut oil is light, non greasy and adds natural preservative qualities to the soap. It is an emollient ...moisturizing, conditioning and protecting the skin. It also adds to soap hardness and fluffy lather.
Olive Oil is a great conditioning oil , it attracts external moisture to your skin, helping to keep skin soft and supple.
Avocado Oil contains vitamins A, D, and E which makes it healing as well as moisturizing .
Cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants which are not only great for your skin but helps preserve the soap. It is an excellent moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.
Sunflower oil contains vitamin E , not only good for your skin but acts like a natural preservative in the soap.
Castor oil contributes to the stability and fluffiness of the lather , and the conditioning and moisturizing properties of the soap. It helps attract and hold moisture to the skin.

Each variation of our soap has added ingredients that add to, or enhance its properties...a blend of all that nature has provided ,lovingly handcrafted to bring a little extra happiness to your everyday .

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