Laser Cutting

Bespoke Crafts for your Home or Business

Advantages of Laser Cutting

As compared to other conventionally used cutting methods, lasers offer several advantages.
Here are a few:

Minimal distortion on parts due to a small heat affected zone
Intricate part cutting
Narrow kerf widths
Very high repeatability due to the accuracy of our custom built laser systems
Cutting rates far exceed that of conventional/ standard sawing equipment (up to 10 times faster)

Close-nesting of parts during laser cutting ensures that material utilization drastically improves over conventional cutting methods. Reducing material wastage ultimately results in more expense being saved. We are your ideal supplier for small, thin, delicate and high-precision parts laser cut from a variety of wooden materials acrylics,and plastics

Capabilities & Limitations of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machine With our custom laser cutting service, you can create custom, two-dimensional plastic parts suitable for a variety of projects. We can laser cut almost anything you can draw, including sharp angles, smooth curves, small screw holes, and complex lace designs, and we can also laser engrave text, logos, and photos on to your parts.

We can...
Cut up to 1/2" acrylic or wood
Cut very thin materials including 0.003" mylar sheets
Cut and vector engrave parts up to 1200mm x 900mm or 48"" x 36"
Raster engrave parts up to 1200mm x 900mm 48" x 36"
If you need a metallic look, we do stock two-tone acrylic-based sheets with a thin, faux-metal top layer.
Cut holes as small as the laser beam widths, around .5mm 0.01"
Use a variety of file types including DXF, DWG, CDR, AI, PDF, and SVG.
Draw parts for you based on a sketch
Cut from just one part to thousands of parts, and anything in between

We mainly laser cut custom plastic and wood parts, we can also make custom rubber, and foam parts. We stock acrylic, ABS, Mylar, PETG, and styrene in various colors and thicknesses.

Three-dimensional parts
Although we can only laser cut two-dimensional parts, we can create three-dimensional designs & objects from flat pieces with tabs and slots etc for ease of assembly.

Please Note: We cannot cut polycarbonate (Lexan), carbon fiber, or any material containing chlorine, including PVC and vinyl.

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